Our lab aims to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms that coordinate segmentation and patterning processes during embryonic development, and understand their contribution to vertebrate evolution and human health. 

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August 30. The Skromne lab is shocased in a new University of Richmond video.

August 14. We have secured a NSF grant to study the interactions between Carbon nanoparticles and bones. See story here.

July 1. We have secured NSF funds to study the mechanisms of hindbrain and spinal cord development in zebrafish. See story here

June 1. Esmail Miyanji joined the Skromne lab as a Research Technician.

May 13. Eve Sutton graduates. She is the first Spider student in the lab. Congrats!

January 1. The Skromne lab has been profiled in the January issue of Richmond Magazine. Read the story here here.