July 12. Former undergraduate students Lesly Corado-Santiago and Bryle Barrameda publishes a paper in Drug Delivery that describes the interactions between Carbon nanodots and bone tissues in adult zebrafish.

April 2. The Skromne lab supports the University of Richmond's Black Student Coalition’s demand to change the names of Ryland and Freeman Halls, and respectfully urges the Board of Trustees to accept the student's recommendations. Learn more about the Black Student Coalition's demands here

March 15. Students in my Developmental Biology course are plowing through a difficult semester and collecting novel data as part of their Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE).

>>> Check out Dr. Skromne's interview with former University of Richmond's President Dr. Ronald Crutcher  here.


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Our aims is understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms that coordinate segmentation and patterning processes during embryonic development, and understand their contribution to vertebrate evolution and human health.